The Pitken Panthers are based off of two key players. One of there players Brian K has a great arm and gets plenty of RBIS. The young zack parilla only 12 years of age had 121 homers last season and won the 1st ever championship held at sbc park. The Pitken Panthers are a new team but have high expectations. They hope to have a flawless opening day at the new Kings park.

The Walnut Warriors (a.k.a. The Monsters) have great speed and below average pitching. There home field is SBC Park. The field held the 2008 world series and playoffs. There biggest rivals are the Piten Panthers. Neither teams have thrown a no hitter. Over the off season the Walnut Warriors loss one of their best hitters and pitchers Zack P, who scored a majority of the teams runs and led the league in RBIS and Homeruns. The Walnut Warriors acquired Alex H of the Yankees due to the loss of Zack P to the Pitkin Panthers. The Walnut Warriors hope to gain there first win agaist there rivals opening day at the new Kings Park home of the Pitken Panthers.