Wiffleball Rules

The pitcher stands 42 feet away from the batter. Behind the batter is a box or something else to determine the strike zone. If it hits the box, its a strike. If not, its a ball. You get 3 strikes per at bat (unlimited foul balls) and 5 balls.When catching a Wiffle ball, ALWAYS, i repeat, ALWAYS, use 2 hands.

Wiffle balls are really light, and when popped up they spin very very fast, making then very hard to catch. A pop up in Wiffle ball is never a sure thing, but it can be a lot closer if you use two hands. The baserunners are out if you hit them with the ball and you can put objects (a garbage can or maybe a nearby bush) next to the bases and if you hit the object before they reach the base than they are out.

The batter can strike out if he/she swings at a pitched ball and does not foul tip the third strike or the pitch is a strike. Foul tips don't count as a thrid srike ever. There is no bunting or stealing except if the count is 2-4 with one out, then you may steal.